Zelienople-Harmony Sportsmen's Club

                            MAWYER RIFLE RANGE

1.  No vehicles allowed on range.
2.  No loaded guns or bows permitted off the range.  Only 1 gun
     loaded at any time on range.
3.  All targets must be placed on backstop and not on wood frame.
     Paper targets only.
4.  No children under 12 permitted on range.  All Junior members
     must have a Senior member present. No Guests permitted.
5.  Range is open from dawn to dusk only.  No shooting after sundown.
6.  No Automatic Weapons, Shotguns or Skeet Shooting permitted.
     Slug guns are allowed.
7.  Only 1 Person shooting at a time.  All targets and shells must be removed.
8.  The range is closed for the Junior derby, and the 1st weekend of trout. 
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