Zelienople-Harmony Sportsmen's Club


1.   All campers, trailers, tents and truck campers will be referred to as 'campers'.
2.   Camping season is from two weeks before Pa opening day of trout through October 31. 
      No campers permitted on grounds before or after the season.
3.   No non-member guests are permitted.
4.   Campers are not permitted to be used as a residence.  Camper may be occupied no more than 3         days per week with the exception of 1 full week vacation camping per season.
5.   Camper must be used at least two nights per month or must be removed.  Lot is not for camper              storage.
6.   Lot rent is $25 per month due the 1st of each month.  Failure to pay rent will result in eviction of 
      camper and suspension of Club member.
7.   Campers may ONLY be placed on the non-lake side of road and in a designated camping area.            This includes tents.
8.   All campers must have a valid registration.
9.   All electric hook-ups are privately owned and are not available for use by other than owner.
10. Only 1 lot is to be rented per Club member.
11. Toilet waste may not be emptied anywhere on club grounds.
12. Pets must be leashed or chained up.  Pet owner is responsible for cleaning up after pet.
      No dog is to be left outside unattended for any length of time.
13. No parties permitted at campers.  Excessive use of alcohol will not be permitted.
14. No sheds or other semi-permanent storage structures permitted on lot.
15. Lots are to be assigned by the head of the trailer committee or by Club officers only.
16. Club is not responsible for theft or damage of camper or Club member personal property.  Owner's        name and badge number must be displayed on camper or in window so owner can be reached in         case of emergency.
17. Camper owner is responsible for maintaining their lot. This includes mowing grass, removing litter          and disposal of fire pit ashes.
18. Upon removing camper, owner must remove all fire rings, belongings and trash from lot.
19. Failure to abide by any of these rules may result in camper eviction, suspension, or permanent             dismissal from the Club.
20. To reserve your lot for the next year you must pay April's lot rent at the end of the current season.

                                                TEMPORARY CAMP SITES
1.   Camping must be on the non-lake side of the road.  This includes all tents, tarps.
2.   Try to use an existing fire pit in the grass if you can.
3.   Camping is free, but you must remove all tents/campers when you leave
4    Ask a club officer if in doubt as to where to post a camp and try not to camp too close to a                     reserved camp lot.

                             PLEASE REMOVE ALL TRASH....THIS IS YOUR CLUB!